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Why is there water leaking from the left or right side of the door?

Make sure your dishwasher is levelled and is not tilted forward on either side. If there is any accumulation or residue on the door seal, this could also be causing the problem. Wipe clean the door seal and make sure there is not particles that could be causing it to seal incorrectly. If the problem is still present, call for service.
How come my dishes are still dripping wet after the cycle is complete?
This can be caused by two things. We strongly recommend using rinse agent (JetDry) at all times, as this product beads the leftover water on the dishes, allowing it to dry off quickly.
Why are my dishes not being washed adequately?
The very first thing to do in this instance is to run your hot water at your kitchen faucet before starting any cycle. Make sure that the water is running hot. This will ensure that your dishwasher is getting supplied with the hottest water possible from your home, therefore, you will have better washing results. (This can also help with the drying cycle, as the appliance uses steam to dry the dishes)
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